Pine-Strawberry Water Issues Heat Up


Approximately 150 landowners and interested parties filled the Pine Cultural Center last Sunday afternoon at the invitation of a group called Rim Country Water (RCW), a group of concerned citizens and business owners. The attendance reflected strong community support for the efforts of the group concerning water issues.

Many of those in attendance for the first time indicated they were not familiar with the situation, reason for the petition to recall of certain board members and had either not read the K-2 agreement or were not familiar with the purpose of the agreement. Several had voiced misconceptions or misunderstandings that needed to be addressed and were pleased with the opportunity to learn. However, they did indicate that they were very interested in hearing more from the landowner's viewpoint, rather than be limited to sporadic information from Brooke Utilities or the Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District Board. Myndi Brogdon of Brooke was also in attendance.

The brief meeting was the first in a series intended to educate and inform, as well as to provide a forum for the landowners to get involved.

Rim Country Water will provide access to documents filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission, Gila County Board of Supervisors and other parties via the Web site, which is still being updated: Residents and property owners are encouraged to view these important resource documents. Communication with RCW can be made via e-mail:

RCW hopes to galvanize the community concerning water and other issues affecting the community and also enable the landowners to make informed decisions. The RCW group is actively structuring an action plan to address the current situation as well as logical, meaningful and step-by-step actions for the future.

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