Rotarians Donate Soccer Scoreboard


The Rotary Club of Payson is donating a soccer scoreboard to the Town of Payson.

As a gift to to The Town of Payson and the high school girls soccer team, The Payson Rotary Club is donating an official soccer score board to be installed at Rumsey Park.

Final details of the exact placement of the scoreboard need to be worked out with Payson Parks and Recreation, but all indications are that it will be installed sometime around the end of August.

Jay Vagalatos, member of the Rotarians, said the funds have been approved and now it is just a question of getting the scoreboard delivered and installed.

"All the funds have been approved and we are starting to get the ball rolling and we think we can have it here and installed in maybe a month or so."

The cost to Rotarians for the scoreboard and installation is about $5,600, Vagalatos said.

He said the location for the new scoreboard is probably going to be in the south field of Rumsey Park, somewhere near the library.

Right now, the only scoreboards at the park are on the Rumsey I and Rumsey II baseball/softball diamonds.

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