College Close To Choosing New Dean


The governing board of the Gila Community College District is close to choosing a new dean.

Margo Bracamonte, senior dean of Gila Community College, said the governing board is hoping to announce their choice for a new dean for the Payson campus within two weeks.

"The process is ongoing, but we should be conducting interviews shortly.

"We are still narrowing our choices down, so I can't give out any names of candidates yet, but we hope to be able to make an announcement of our choice for the new dean in a couple of weeks or so," Bracamonte said.

The district advertised statewide in its search for qualified candidates for the position at the community college, Bracamonte said.

She said, "We took out ads in Tucson, down in Phoenix, all over Arizona. We have had responses from all over the U.S., as a matter of fact."

Bracamonte said district policy and regulations restrict what the governing board can or cannot release to the public, regarding the dean search..

She said the district wants to choose someone who will fit into the community and who has educational and work force development experience.

The district is also hopeful of finding a candidate with grant writing experience, she said. The district's goal is to have a new dean in place when the fall semester begins in August.

Registration is now taking place for courses at all community colleges in Arizona and classes begin on Aug. 20.

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