New Challenge Grant Will Help Humane Society Building Fund


Animal lovers around the Rim Country are being challenged to help the Payson Humane Society qualify for another matching funds offer.

An anonymous donor will match donations received from the public, up to $10,000. The requirements are that each donation must be at least $100. The donations must be specified to go to the society's building fund.

Checks must show "Building Fund" in the memo part of the check, or be accompanied by a donation coupon from the society's newsletter or other document designating the donation for the building fund.

Since funds donated will be not be used for many months, they will have the advantage of being invested and earning interest until they are needed.

Payson Humane Society officials urge the community to take this opportunity to double, with interest, its generosity, by donating at least $100 to meet this latest challenge grant.

Members of the society recently met with Shelter Planners of America, which has designed more than 600 shelters across the country. The group has 27 shelters under various stages of construction at the present time.

The result of this meeting will be a needs assessment/building project study, which will provide a proposal for a building that reflects the size, and most efficient and economic design to accommodate the society's needs, based upon the expected projected growth of the service area.

This proposal will also include an estimated construction cost.

"It is expected that this proposal will be received in late August," said Barbara Brenke, of the society's board.

Upon approval of this proposal, the next step will be the site plan and schematic plan for the shelter. After these initial plans are approved, the actual building drawings will be generated. At this point, the project will be ready to go out to bid for construction.

The Payson Humane Society is excited about working with Shelter Planners of America and local contractors/suppliers to provide the best possible facility to meet the needs of the homeless animals of Rim Country, officials said. They look forward to the continued support of the community to bring this project to fruition.

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