Saving The Water



I just finished reading the Roundup dated July 20. Better late than never... The lead column refers to "Conference center, hotel, to move forward." Inside I read Street Talk, "What do you do to conserve water."

I don't live in Payson, I live in Strawberry. I understand now Strawberry has a water problem just like everyone else. My reason for living is Strawberry, not Pine or Payson is that I did a bit of research when I bought. I found that both communities had water problemshen I made my purchase in 1996, Strawberry did not. It probably did, but it was not common knowledge at that time.

Anyway, my reason for writing is it's interesting that people are asked to conserve water. Ms. Tutay and Everett do similar things to conserve. Full dishwashers, water plants with cooler water, shut off water when brushing teeth, and I'm sure there are other things they do in addition to what they've listed. Bless them both.
Now we go back to the headline and that article..... Just how much water do you think a Hilton Hotel will conserve? Then add a convention center on top of that, then a restaurant.

Is the Town of Payson going to make money from this? Absolutely, lots of money. Are the people of Payson going to make anything from it? Yes, Sireee.... From what I can see, they're going to have to further conserve the little precious water they have.

They will need to so the people who are staying in the 150 rooms athe hotel which will most likely cost over $100 per night for a place to put you head down and sleep to have water in the morning, so they can let it run while brushing their teeth, have their linen washed every day, the bathroom cleaned with water and various chemicals. So, Ms. Tutay's conservative ways has just been thrown out the window, as thereill bet least, if the motel is full, 150 out-of-town people who could care less about our water problem that just ran who knows how many hundreds of gallons of water down the drain.

This type of situation isn't just in Payson. In a smaller scale in Pine, Strawberry, Star Valley and all the other communities around Rim Country homes are continuing to be built. Many people purchase homes for weekend getaways.

The purchase of an existing home is fine. But the continual building of more and more homes seems to be a negative when it comes to saving water from my humble opinion. We people who live up here are asked, and sometimes told to conserve water, if not our meter will be taken away and we won't have water. However, those from other locations in the state who come up for the weekend continue to water their lawns, wash their cars, and whatever they want to do.

Do they use more water than the minimum amount that they are allowed? Nope, they're still under the amount for the basic cost because they only are here a couple of days. So, who knows that they are using up our water.

We who live here all year long when we run out of water and/or the water company takes our meter away for watering a few plants to make our houses tasteful and a little bit of grass that will help keep a fire from running across the yard and start our house on fire.

So, what is the county doing to help us out? Giving more meters for more houses. In addition, who benefits from the festivals that are held in Pine and Strawberry? Merchants. Do the residents benefit? Yep, just like in Payson. You're told you're using too much water. So, who's using all this water?

The people coming from other parts of the state to attend the festivals. They use the water we need and we are told to conserve again because Strawberry and Pine ran out of water "over the weekend."

havey opinion, I'm sure there will be those who agree with me and those who disagree. Probably more who disagree, but that's life. We all have our opinions.

Bless you all.

Bill Daily

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