Things They Don't Want You To Know



Let's set the record straight. Near the end of the last (pun) Little Ice Age, MTB was the miraculous solution to pollution, or so they thought, those of the same mentality are about to embark on the same stupidity once again. I assume that's the habit with the enviro/wackos and left-wing politicians. MTB was found to be extremely toxic and is being removed from our gas tanks. A little background music please...

The Earth's atmosphere is composed of nitrogen (N2) 78%, oxygen (02) 21%, Argon (A) 1% and carbon dioxide (CO2) 0.00389%.Water vapor (95%) is the principal greenhouse gas and has more impact on global temperature than all the other greenhouse gases combined. The claim that increased CO2 in the atmosphere is causing global warming has no more scientific foundation to it than the bloodletting of past generations, which was believed to be a medical miraculous cure for everything.

Ethanol is no solution. Bush wants gasoline consumption reduced by 20 percent over the next decade. Even if every bushel of corn in the USA was converted to ethanol, it would only displace about 12 percent of our annual gas consumed, and the USA would become the first nation in history to burn up its food supply to please a bunch of enviro/wackos and the political left-wing mob. Some recent studies on ethanol indicate that it produces ozone (smog). The hydrogen fuel cell engine produces a major greenhouse gas as exhaust, which is water vapor. CO2 is a blessing, not a problem, as portrayed by the global warming fanatics. The life of all plants and animals on Earth are dependent on CO2 for food and oxygen and so are we humans.

It is the staff of life for our planet and all living things.The global warming fanatics want you to believe that the world supply of petroleum is running out; nothing could be further from the truth. New discoveries are being found almost every day, while world petroleum reserves are increasing more than two-fold yearly. Oil is still our most abundant fuel and the cheapest to produce, than any of the so-called alternatives, especially ethanol, which isn't cheap.

Corn is a heavy user of fertilizers, especially nitrogen; It's ironic that most fertilizers are produced from petroleum. Again, stupidity is using food for fuel when we have almost oceans of oil and gas available to us at less cost and in almost endless quantity. Don't be taken in by the global warming fanatics, and Gore's horror story. It does not even make a decent science fiction or a movie. I'd give the book and the movie a 1/16 of a star -- even that's too generous.

For those who would like more information on petroleum reserves, etc., I suggest you visit our local library and ask for the oil and gas journals on file there. Get the facts first.

Ed Welge, Payson

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