Artists And Patrons Celebrate 15 Years In Myra's Gallery



Myra Kraemer has turned the key in the door to her gallery at least 3,900 mornings over the past 15 years.

"To be successful you have to be open when you say you are going to be open, make sure you please the customers so you have repeat business and always keep a fresh look," Kraemer said.


Myra's Gallery boasts a broad range of artists. Among those featured in her gallery are Nick Berezenko who did this photograph called "Roots" at Fossil Springs, Ariz.; Bill Arndt; Ed Kraemer; Donna Petermann; Gloria Keown; Kay Johnson; Roger Buchanan; and Angela Cockle.

August 4, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., Myra and many of the 75 artists represented in her gallery are celebrating those years with music and refreshments. Art patrons are welcome at the event.

Kraemer has developed a sense of whether a customer wants to simply peruse the art at their leisure, or wants to learn the stories behind the art.

It can be like going on a guided tour of a museum, personally guided by the curator.

She can tell you that when Bill Arndt traveled to Paris, he noticed that the linseed oil used in paintings during the 1700s was causing the colors to muddy and turn yellow. He researched ancient texts to find out why paintings created in the 1300s to 1500s had retained their vibrant colors and changed his paints accordingly.

"Bill's originals are archival quality that will last hundreds of years," Kraemer said.

She likes to make it as fun an experience as possible for people to visit her gallery and studio.

Early experiences taught her that she must see a prospective artist's creative work and not a mere photograph of a painting, sculpture or piece of jewelry.

"If I don't like it, I can't sell it," Kraemer said.

She credits her drawing teaching at Orange Coast College in California with her drive to excel in her own art -- drawing and watercolors.

For this reason, she expects her artists to have had professional training.

Despite her severe dyslexia, Kramer has learned to keep track of dozens of artists and their commissions.

Dealing with the artists themselves is easy.

"I can reflect back on my own temperament. Artists are fun because they always think outside the box," Kraemer said.

Myra's offers special services and the customer base is extensive.

Custom framing for individuals and interior designers is another service Myra's offers that has helped round out the business.

A Canadian couple came in on the advice of friends who had provided a map of just where Pine was located.

"Your gallery was the highlight of my trip," wrote Julia Richez of Milan, Ind. recently.

The gallery is located at 3824 Highway 87 in Pine. It is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Thursday through Monday, (928) 476-2256.


Myra Kraemer invites the community to celebrate 15 years in business in Pine from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 4

Artists in attendance (as of press time):

Bill Arndt

Nick Berezenko

Roger Buchanan

Angela Cockle

Pjay and Joe Evans

Bill Fuller


Peggy Gould

Geri Wood Gittings

Dixie Guldner

Diane Haugen

Bernadette Heath

Gary Houston

Ed Kraemer

Myra Kraemer

Carol Kane

Parry Morton

Donna Petermann

Glenda Roark

Su von Mazo

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