I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry

Fun film with great messages


I just finished reading the seventh Harry Potter book, and after the intensity the final installment of Harry Potter, I dearly welcomed the soothing embrace of Adam Sandler's comedy, "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry."

Chuck Levine and Larry Valentine are New York firefighters; they are tough, brave, and overdosing in testosterone. Despite their same occupation, Chuck and Larry possess starkly different personalities and creed. Chuck is overtly fond of women, his infidelity is legendary, and he was Mr. February in a solar calendar.

Larry on the other hand, is a gentle giant; he is raising a daughter and a very peculiar son as a single father, and he is still in deep mourning over his deceased wife.

Chuck and Larry's differences are brought together when Larry brilliantly concocts a scheme to retain financial benefits from the federal government for his children -- he and Chuck will pose as a gay couple. Chuck is not thrilled at this plan, but acquiesces because he is in debt to Larry for saving his life.

Thus, Chuck and Larry begin a new life together as husband and husband. They find out the true hardships of marriage: gay or not.

They desperately attempt to elude the prying eyes and hands of a wicked beneficiary specialist and a son who prefers tap-dancing and musicals to watching baseball and who is also fond of vocabulary such as "fabulous" and "fabu-licious."

The discrimination from intolerant protesters and fellow firefighters is funny, but not appropriate to describe in details on paper without bordering on obscenity.

"I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" was very funny, the characters were wacky and "convincing" (David Spade makes a cameo appearance, and wow, that's all I can say). Although many of the characters were stereotypically portrayed, it was not done maliciously.

The film emphasizes friendship, love, tolerance, acceptance, and redemption: as the once insensitive Chuck is turned into a true gentleman and finally falls in love with one woman, albeit a lawyer.

Most of the controversial issues on gays and lesbians were absent, so go watch it without refrain, it's funny, because it did take my mind off of " ______"s death in Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows.

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