Brutal Letters About Bugler Did Not Show Respect Volunteer Deserves



I am writing in regards to the letters concerning the Payson Military Honor Guard. The two brutal letters from members of Bugles Across America taking offense to the use of the digital bugle have neglected to mention that the Tsgt., USAF ret. donates his time to be part of the Honor Guard, which provides military honors for our comrades in arms who have stood their last roll call. Payson is a small mountain community that thinks highly of its veterans, as witnessed by the Memorial Day services.

Not every American Legion Post or Veterans Of Foreign Wars organizations have access to real bugle players, and, as Payson apparently does not, the substitute was an acceptable solution, in my eyes.

I recently attended a memorial service for a departed Navy veteran where this same USAF veteran acted as the bugler on a Saturday afternoon. This "digital" bugle did not detract from the solemnity nor the quality of the honors rendered. My sincerest thanks to each and every member of the Honor Guard who serves the Payson area and to the USAF TSgt. Thanks, Sarge. I appreciate you and your efforts.

James E. Gier, SMSgt. USAF ret., Payson

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