Bugles Across America Letters Insulting



First, to respond to the letters in Mail Call on May 29, 2007, from Larry Carey Jr. and Tom Day of Bugles Across America, I was under the impression that Taps Across America was to honor deceased veterans, not to give buglers a chance to "blow your own horn."

If that is not the case, try "Reveille" and give America a wake-up call.

It is realized that you are a proud organization of 5,000 strong, but I would suggest that until you are strong enough to provide a live bugler to every community in this country that desires to participate in patriotic events, I would suggest you stop your whining.

Also, I am curious.

Do you also have a problem with fake bullets (blanks) being fired in the final salute or the personnel firing the volley are not real infantrymen, that they may have been cooks, truck drivers, corpsmen, administrators, pilots or whatever their job might have been while serving their country.

In conclusion, I found both letters insulting, derogatory and thoughtless. It is hoped that copies of this letter will be forwarded to Mr. Carey and Mr. Day.

MSgt. Donald P. Dorr, USMC Ret. Commandant Marine Corps League, Tonto Basin, Payson

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