Hiring From Within Will Help Police Morale



Employee motivation is critical to the value of their work and their work ethic. One of the most important criteria in employee motivation is upward mobility.

One of the causes of turnover in the Payson Police Department staff is the lack of affordable housing, which is directly related to their salaries. Since compensation is a limiting factor, we should at least not overlook the value of upward mobility as a motivator. Our town council is currently seeking to fill the position of Chief of Police. Promotion from within will open up numerous opportunities for our officers and, at the same time, show that an investment in time and effort on their part does not go unnoticed.

While the council should be seeking the best-qualified person for the job, a long, hard look at current staff should be their preferred source. Community involvement, job performance and an understanding of our residents should be at the top of their list of qualifications. Let's encourage our Council to send the right message to our police personnel -- hard work, doing a good job, community involvement and respect for the people they serve do count, and the reward for that is upward mobility and career opportunities.

Alan Kline, Payson

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