Main Street Grille To Host Hot Dog Eating Contest


Kobayashi, the world champion hot-dog eater may not make it to Payson this year, but there will be plenty of Kobayashi-wannabes at the first annual Main Street Grille Hot Dog Eating Contest at 2 p.m. Saturday, June 30.

In addition to having huge appetites -- or at least the ability to eat huge amounts of food -- contestants must be 18 years of age (17 with signed permission from a parent or guardian). Entry fee is $10 and applications must be submitted to the Main Street Grille by June 15.

The field will be limited to the first 30 applicants.

Contestants will have seven minutes to eat as many John Morrell hot dogs as possible (buns, ketchup and mustard, which will be provided by Main Street Grille, are optional, but other condiments such as relish and onions must be provided by contestants who figure eating copious amounts of hot dogs and buns aren't enough).

Only entire hot dogs eaten will be counted.

Buns and hot dogs may be separated, dunked in beverages of contestant's choice (non-alcoholic, of course) or mangled, but all must be eaten during the time limit.

Once the seven-minute period ends, no additional dogs or buns can be touched and contestants will have 20 seconds to swallow what is in their mouths.

Partially eaten dogs, or any remaining food in their mouths after the 20-second "get-em-down-any-way-you-can " period, will not be counted.

If there's a tie, a five-hot-dog eat-off will determine the winner. The grand prize is $250 and a trophy.

Second- and third-place prizes also will be awarded.

All qualified participants will receive a Main Street Grille gift.

Other prizes may be awarded.

For information, call the Main Street Grille at (928) 472-6249. To pick up an application and complete contest rules, visit the restaurant at 202 W. Main Street or visit

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