Mama Mops Has A Clean Reputation


Having a good reputation for the work you do can be hazardous to your health. Ask Michelle LaMotte, owner and operator of Mama Mops Cleaning Service.

"We're slammed right now," she said in a 7 a.m. interview -- the only time she had to talk. "I'm working around the clock."


Michelle LaMotte runs her Mama Mops Cleaning Service hands-on, sometimes literally working alongside her crew on a cleaning project and always personally supervising the work.

LaMotte started the cleaning business in 2001 because she wanted to bring in some extra money.

"People seemed to really like the name and the business took off," she said.

The company provides residential, commercial and construction cleaning services throughout the Rim Country and even has a few builder clients in the Phoenix area.

"I really like the construction jobs," she said. "We do both rough and final cleans from construction. The ‘rough' clean is coming in right behind the construction crews, picking up boards and nails and all that. The ‘final' clean is making the project ready for the occupants."

She said the construction cleaning projects have actually become the company's specialty, but she and her crew continue doing residential and commercial work as well.

"We also do move out cleaning. Coming in after homeowners or renters have moved out and cleaning the residence so it can be shown to potential new occupants."

LaMotte said the biggest benefit of doing business in the Rim Country is the great people she meets. "I enjoy the customers and getting to know them. Payson is awesome."

On the flip side, the challenge is getting spread too thin with her crew. She said it is hard to find people to hire who will be reliable and do job the right.

Her hands-on approach to the company's jobs is the difference between Mama Mops Cleaning Service and similar businesses in the area.

LaMotte's business is licensed and bonded and is available from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and Saturdays by appointment.

To make an appointment, call LaMotte at (928) 970-1133. Helping her with the company is Butch Steward, business manager, and a crew of six to eight.

In her rare spare time, LaMotte is an outdoor enthusiast. She likes fishing and horseback riding, and boat racing when she can.

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