Phs Scholarship Winners


This year, students at Payson High School received a total of $428,735 in scholarships -- $71,575 were from local organizations.

The following students have been designated "Super Scholars" by the Arizona Department of Education by achieving an "exceeding" score on all of the AIMS tests: Aubreigh Brunschwig, Morgan Cassuto, Shanna Coleman, Danielle Dillon, Nicholas Ford, Alexis Hilliard, Shannon Horton, Bridget Mendoza, JoLynn Mendoza, Erin Pitterle, Melissa Schwark.

Payson High School has one graduating senior who is going to China for five months to teach English with the International Language Program. There are 19 students planning on attending a technical school. Fifty-two students are attending various colleges. Thirty-six students plan on attending Arizona universities. Nine students plan on attending out-of-state universities. Twenty-two students are undecided on what plans they have for the future. Eleven students are planning on going directly into the work force.

Payson High School has one 2007 graduating senior who has enlisted in the United States Armed Forces: Jon LaFoy -- Army.

Congratulations to the students who had scholarships awarded:

Austin Bai, University of Michigan, Michigan Tradition Award, $40,000 to be used over four years.

Aubreigh Brunschwig, ASU, University scholarship, $2,000 per year.

Brooke Cannon, Traveka University, volleyball scholarship.

Shanna Coleman, NAU, Merit scholarship, $1,750 per year.

Tamara Crabdree, GC, Georgetown College Equine Scholarship.

Rex deRoulhac, U of A, Wildcat Excellence Award, amount varies (renewable for three additional years).

Danielle Dillon, U of A, Wildcat Excellence Award, amount varies (renewable for three additional years).

Katherine Dyer, NAU, Dean's Scholarship, $2,500 per year.

Christopher Eavenson, ASU, President's Scholarship, $8,000 per year.

Caitlin Fruth, ASU, Provost's Scholarship, $6,500 per year and The Worth; Dot Howard Foundation, $1,000.

Rachel Haddad, BYU, Brigham Young University, Idaho, $3,560.

Hunter Hardt, NAU, Merit Scholarship, $1,750 per year; Tom and Nan Elbert Scholarship, $3,500; Douglas Riggs Company Scholarship, $1,000.

David Hill, ASU, Provost's Scholarship, $6,500 per year.

Alexis Hilliard, NAU, President's Scholarship, $3,750 per year.

Shannon Horton, SU, Shenandoah University Theater Award, $7,000.

Katie Kienitz, ASU, University Scholarship, $2,000 per year.

Lauren Knoell, ASU, Provost's Scholarship, $6,500 per year.

Melissa McLaws, NAU, Merit Scholarship, $1,750 per year.

Bridget Mendoza, NAU, Robert Byrd Scholarship, $1,500 per year; President's Scholarship, $3,750 per year ($15,000 over four years).

JoLynn Mendoza, NAU, Dean's Scholarship, $2,500 per year.

Erin Pitterle, U of SC, University of Southern California Air Force ROTC Scholarship, up to $15,000 per year tuition, $750 per year for books, $250 tax-free monthly allowance; Thomas J. Watson Memorial Scholarship.

Melissa Schwark, U of A, Wildcat Excellence Award, $6,000 per year.

Laura Schwartzbauer, BI, The Bryman Institute Imagine America, $1,000; Arizona Private School Association, $1,000.

Ashley Sokol, U of N, University of Nebraska Legacy Scholarship, worth more than $43,000 over four years.

Madalyn Sweet, NAU, Merit Scholarship, $1,750 per year.

Jason Sweet, GCU, Baseball scholarship.

Shane Tuer, CC, Cascade College Men's Soccer Scholarship.

Andrew Weatherly, U of A, Wildcat Excellence Award, $7,000.

Local scholarships were presented during the graduation ceremony. They included:

The C-CAP Careers Through Culinary Arts Program:

Norma Palestino, $1,000

Shawn Hamilton, $1,000

The Central Arizona Board of Realtors Scholarship:

Aubreigh Kay Brunschwig, $1,000

Shanna Lee Coleman, $1,000

The Gary Hardt Memorial Scholarship:

Hunter Hardt, $1,000

Tori Wilbanks, $1,000

JoLynn Mendoza, $1,000

Bridget Mendoza, $1,000

Carlan Pontius, $1,000

Caitlin Fruth, $1,000

The Payson Pro Rodeo Committee Scholarship:

Alexis Hilliard, $1,000

The Gila County Community College Preferential Scholarship:

Alexis Brooke Leckliter, $3,800.

The Gila County Cattlewoman Memorial Scholarship:

Sarah Agnes, $500.

The Greater Payson Moose Lodge #852 and Greater Payson Women of the Moose #2012:

JoLynn Mendoza, $1,000

Bridget Mendoza, $1,000

The Jack Morris Memorial Scholarship:

Carlos Lopez, $1,500.

Kiwanis of Zane Grey Country:

Katie Burke, $1,000

Brooke Cannon, $1,000

Rex deRoulhac, $1,500

Danielle Dillon, $1,000

Caitlin Fruth, $1,250

Alexis Hilliard, $1,000

Shay Larby, $1,000

Alexis Leckliter, $1,250

Bridget Mendoza, $1,500

JoLynn Mendoza, $1,000

Melissa Schwark, $1,500

Ashley Sokol, $1,000

Madalyn Lee Sweet, $1,000

Jenna Wagner, $1,000

Mogollon Health Alliance Human Health Career Scholarships:

Sarah Agnes, $750

Shanna Coleman, $1,000

David Hill, $1,000

Kelly Holmes, $1,000

Alexis Leckliter, $800

JoLynn Mendoza, $1,000

Kyja Sommars, $750

Jenna Wagner, $750

Kalli Wilembrecht, $800

Payson APS Employee Scholarship:

Melissa Schwark, $1,000 Alexis Hilliard, $1,000.

Payson Elks Lodge #2154:

Bridget Mendoza, $800

JoLynn Mendoza, $800

Erin Pitterle, $800

Melissa Schwark, $800

H.O.P.E.S. Helpers of Payson Elks Lodge #2154:

Hunter Hardt, $500

JoLynn Mendoza, $500

Payson Lions Club Jack Reinhardt Scholarship:

Tori Wilbanks, $500

Rim Country Optimist Bill Davis Scholarship:

JoLynn Mendoza, $500

Laura Mehterian -- Beth Champie Leeds Scholarship:

Bridget Mendoza, $500

Rim Country Rotary Club -- Payson Jim Jones Vocational Scholarship:

Patricia Goble, $1,000

Rim Country Rotary Club -- Payson Vocational Scholarship:

Trisha Nicholas, $1,000

The Rotary Club of Payson:

Heather Buchanan, $1,000

Alexis Leckliter, $1,000

Kourtney Pearce, $1,000

Jenna Wagner, $1,000

Rusty Cooper Memorial Scholarship:

Alexis Hilliard, $2,462.50

Kelly Holmes, $2,462.50

Bridget Mendoza, $2,462.50

JoLynn Mendoza, $2,462.50

2007 Sam Walton Community scholarship:

David Hill, $1,000

Alexis Hilliard, $1,000

Sarah Salwitz Fine Arts Scholarship is being presented by Mrs. Kathy Siler to:

Heather Buchanan, $300

Soroptimist International of Zane Grey Country:

Bridget Mendoza, $200, plus $250 to the Food Bank in her name

JoLynn Mendoza, $200, plus $250 to the Food Bank in her name

Tonto Apache Achievement Award, Tonto Apache Tribe:

Rhea Cosay, $3,000

Miles Huff, $3,000

Chris Eavenson, $300

Hunter Hardt, $300

Walter Family Scholarship:

Hunter Hardt, $1,000

JoLynn Mendoza, $1,000

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