Receivers Offer Reading Materials For Visually Impaired


Sun Sounds of Arizona, a special radio station for people who find it difficult or impossible to read printed materials, is now accessible to most residents in Payson.

The radio station is broadcast on a subcarrier of KNAU and KJZZ, which means you cannot hear the radio station on a normal FM radio -- but if you can hear KNAU or KJZZ (93.5, 91.5, or 88.7 FM), you should be able to access the station on a special Sun Sounds radio receiver.

Sun Sounds has 10 new radio receivers, which will be loaned free of charge to the first 10 Payson residents who qualify.

If you or someone you know has vision problems, severe dyslexia, or another disabling condition that makes it difficult or impossible to read printed materials, call (928) 779-1775 to apply for the free radio service. You can also print an application from the Web site

Sun Sounds of Arizona is an easy, free way to stay in touch with local news, your favorite magazines and area events.

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