Thank You For Hosting Foreign Exchange Students



I would like to personally thank Michael Buskirk, Daria Mason and sons Kit and John, as well as Bill, Elise and Erin Pitterle, who have hosted exchange students Chistoph Bruhn and Marie Koesser this year through the EF Foundation for Foreign Study.

Our students are about to return to their native country, leaving, but never forgetting, their new families and friends who have graciously opened their hearts and homes to them. Thanks to you, these students have had an unforgettable year in our community, as they were given the opportunity to explore the world and immerse themselves in a new culture.

I would also like to thank the teachers and staff of Payson High School for welcoming them into the school and helping them to improve their English skills, as well as being able to excel in so many other aspects of the educational system, music, sports and other activities.

I personally wish to thank Mrs. Michel for allowing me the opportunity to place these students from our program and I look forward to the coming school year, as EF will again be placing two students within your midst.

Edie Miller, International Exchange Coordinator, Education First Foundation for Foreign Study

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