This War Is Wrong And Needs To End



Five minutes after reading the letter written by Jerry Bessler, I felt compelled to jump on my computer and respond.

Sympathy for the troops? How about compassion for our troops who are fighting a "war" that they didn't ask to be sent to.

Democrats started this insane act? A Democrat has lied to the American people and the world? Democrats are trying to end the insanity and needless deaths of our troops, your children and the needless deaths of tens of thousands of others. Search your heart and soul and tell me straight that this is what America needs or wants. Our reputation as a nation is tarnished, our deficit is at an all time high and we are no more safe. In fact, we are more hated than ever before. Beyond the party politics and finger pointing, this so-called war is just plain wrong and needs to end.

Wes Dufek, Star Valley

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