Water, Development Key Issues To Star Valley Residents


The General Plan Committee for the Town of Star Valley held its first public meeting Thursday at the Lamplighter RV Park Clubhouse.

In an ongoing process, the committee -- comprised of three councilors, various town business representatives and citizens -- discussed issues regarding the future of the town.

Mayor Chuck Heron said about 35 community members were present at the meeting and openly discussed with committee members the positives and negatives of the town.

"It was good to see what people think," Heron said.

Water and development were the primary issues discussed.

"Our budget for water is still undetermined at this point and we don't know how much water we have," he said. "These are things we need to figure out."

The goal of the committee is to create a general plan for the young town to follow in its growth and development.

The committee will generally hold one meeting a month for the next two years.

The next public meeting is tentatively scheduled for June 21 at 6 p.m. at the Lamplighter.

Star Valley Council

The Star Valley Council will meet in a work study session, prior to the regular council meeting, tonight at 5:30 p.m. at the Star Valley Baptist Church.

The work study session was requested on Monday morning by Mayor Chuck Heron to give the council more time to discuss several issues, including the selection of staggered terms for councilors and the implementation of an exempted sales tax on residential rental property.

"I don't like these things that come up on council that haven't been discussed before," Heron said. "I like to do a little more preparation."

The council will determine the terms of each member.

As decided upon by voters in November 2006, three councilors including Heron, will serve two-year terms until 2008, and four will serve four-year terms until 2010.

The mayor's term is always two years, as a result of voter approval when the town was created.

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