We Got What We Asked For -- Leadership


During the 2006 Payson Town Council election, we wrote an editorial about the kind of leadership we wanted in office.

We did not endorse any candidates. Instead, we looked at the field of those seeking council seats and asked for a vision.

We asked for direction and leadership.

A little more than a year ago, a new mayor took office with three new councilors. And, in that year, we received everything we asked for -- vision, direction and leadership.

Whether you agree with their politics or not, no one can argue -- this is a dynamic council. This is a town council that gets things done.

At every meeting, the agenda and the seats in the council chamber are full.

And during the week, between meetings, the council and the mayor are busy. Visit town hall, the local coffee shops, civic organization meetings or fund-raisers and you see their faces. They are visiting with the public. Their cell phones are ringing and, most importantly, they are listening.

If we had to pay these councilors by the hour, we couldn't afford it.

This is not a rubber stamp council. The issues are fiercely debated and researched.

This is a dynamic time because the council is not of one mind. They are all opinionated and vocal. They are passionate, but still manage to find middle ground on most issues to keep the momentum.

This is also a dynamic time in local politics because the public is involved and we believe that is partly due to the encouragement of those currently in office.

The task force approach to decision making is a new approach, locally, and it has been exciting for residents to be able to do their own research and feel like they have a hand in the direction of this town.

In one year, the council has tackled a lot of issues -- among them water, growth, immigration, law enforcement, recycling, trails, streets and economic development.

Though many of the issues are still to be resolved, this council has not backed down.

And that is the best you can ask for from any leaders -- that they lead.

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