Why Does American Cancer Society Give Money To Planned Parenthood?



On June 1 and 2, the American Cancer Society (ACS) held its annual "Relay for Life" in Payson. We all know someone whose life has been touched by cancer in some way. We are well aware of the need for research, care and support in fighting this dreadful disease.

However, on March 13, 2007, it was nationally announced that ACS gave a $5,000 grant to Planned Parenthood (PP) -- the largest and most well-funded abortion industry in the world. The grant was for an anti-smoking campaign aimed at PP customers, many of them women having abortions. In 2006, the grant was $3,000. Now that the connection has been made, will the grant increase each year?

Planned Parenthood would probably go out of business if it accepted grants for teaching chastity. Right now, it's a profitable business for a "nonprofit" -- $454 million over the last 15 years, and $2.7 billion in tax payer funding since 1987.

The ACS and PP both deny the highly credible evidence of 28 out of 33 peer-reviewed scientific studies, which found abortion to be an increased and avoidable risk factor for breast cancer. Why tell women to stop smoking because of the risk of lung cancer and then refuse to tell them that abortion increases their risk of breast cancer? This is very unethical. Whenever there is a question, one must err on the side of life.

Already in this country and in Australia, there have been more than four successful malpractice suits filed against abortionists who failed to inform their customers about the increased risk of breast cancer after abortion. Several more suits are pending. Shouldn't ACS and PP also be held accountable for withholding this information?

All the good that ACS does cannot justify its support of the abortion industry. As St. Thomas Aquinas said, "An evil action cannot be justified by reference to a good intention." Our faith teaches that abortion is a grave crime and a sin against one of God's commandments. Planned Parenthood has put to death more than 3 million innocent, defenseless unborn children since 1977. Why should ACS give money to an organization that is in the business of killing God's gift of precious unborn babies?

Anne S. Murray, St. Philip the Apostle Respect Life Ministry

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