Appalled At The Memorial Day Service Attendance



I can't believe that Paysonites cannot take two hours out of one day, once a year, to honor our veterans. I was appalled at the attendance to honor our men. There should have been three times the amount of people at that beautiful service at Green Valley Park.

Who are our veterans? They are husbands, wives, sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters who have lost arms, legs, minds, nerves and even their lives for you, so you could drive around in your fancy cars, live in your fancy homes, camp out, go to the church of your choice and so your kids can run free. That's right. Veterans have given you a free country to live in. Why can't you give them two hours a day, one day a year, for their honor?

There are no parking spaces, you say. Well, how many miles have they walked in mud, dirt, bullets, for you. Some are still over there fighting for you. All I'm asking is think about it the next Memorial Day and throughout the next year what a veteran means to you.

Willadean Sweatt, Payson

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