Few Businesses Flew Flags On Memorial Day



I noted while driving into Payson over Memorial Day weekend that there must be a great deal of apathy regarding the meaning and solemnity of Memorial Day.

Driving south on Highway 87, I observed only three businesses that cared enough to display our national flag. I began to wonder if our society has truly forgotten the sacrifices of those servicemen who died or were maimed by their contribution to the heritage and greatness of these United States, from all wars, past and present.

Could it be that our educators no longer see fit to incorporate in the classroom at an early age and beyond, the history of our great country? While talking to a neighbor, I received this comment, "Many people seem to think this day is like Veterans Day, a three-day holiday, with no thoughts except, ‘Don't burn the steaks and gee, the gas prices are really high.'"

This day is for the true veterans who offered and gave it all, so that those Americans who really don't seem to care can have a three-day holiday. I'll close with these words: Duty, Honor, God and Country. Enjoy your birthright, but have you earned it? Or are you going to allow someone else to bear that responsibility for you?

My thanks to Home Depot, Wal-Mart and Chapman Auto for their flag dedication.

Lew Robertson, Former USMC

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