Star Valley Budget Triples From Last Year


In its second year as an incorporated town, Star Valley has a proposed budget for the next fiscal year that is three times the amount of the first year's budget.

Town Manager Vito Tedeschi has prepared an estimated budget for the upcoming fiscal year of $4,296,200.The budget for the current fiscal year, which ends June 30, is $1,425,944.

The town council approved a tentative budget on Tuesday. They will decide on the fate of the final budget at the next council meeting, June 19.

Notable increases include the addition of $1 million for the acquisition of a water utility and $500,000 for the acquisition of a sewer utility.

"There's a point in time where we'll have to have a municipal water district," Mayor Chuck Heron said "We have a partial sewer system up here, but we'll have to look at a sewer treatment facility."

The budget includes $300,000 to be set aside for the purchase of land and improvements for a permanent town hall building. The town has also apportioned $100,000 for police services.

Heron said the budget is very realistic. "It's not something where we set the bar high and try to get there."

The town's major revenue source for the next fiscal year comes from $450,000 cash carryover from last year's budget, as well as state income and sales tax and city sales tax, which total about $1.17 million.

The town also expects a major increase in grant money, from $200,000 last year to $538,000 for the next budget year.

No property taxes were proposed in the town's newest budget.

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