'Taps' Is A Tribute To All Fallen And Departed Veterans



I have just read the letters to the editor in which Tom Day, Founder of Buglers Across America and Larry Carey Jr., Georgia State Director, Buglers Across America, call Tech Sergeant Larry Moore "a faker, which in the eyes of Bugles Across America is a disgrace to all veterans who have served."

How is sad their attitude and how big the egos of these individuals to call Sergeant Moore a faker. I am a combat-wounded veteran who served our country as a combat platoon leader in Vietnam and I am not disgraced by Sgt. Moore's action.

Rather, I am honored and privileged to have Sgt. Moore play "Taps" at our local veterans' memorials and funerals. At no time has he led anyone to believe that he played "Taps" live. I believe that in your zest to have a live performance of "Taps" played, you've lost sight of the real purpose of "Taps," which is to honor our fallen soldiers and departed veterans. This is what Sgt. Moore does, along with the Payson Military Honor Guard. If your organization is so shallow and mean-spirited that it cannot recognize the honors this person gives to our departed veterans, then I strongly suggest you take a look at your organization and its purpose. Oh, did I mention that Sgt. Moore retired from the Air Force in 1964? He is now 82 years old and has such a love for his country and desire to give our departed veterans a proper military funeral that he volunteers his service to this end.

To see if other combat-wounded veterans would agree with you about your so-called great "disgrace," I contacted two of the men who were with me in Vietnam and neither one of them feels that his rendition of "Taps" is a disgrace. Maybe, in fact, it is the letter writers who are a disgrace by not recognizing the benefits of honoring our departed veterans with what is available to a small town in Arizona. The Payson Military Honor Guard conducts memorial and funeral services for our departed veterans the best way it can and they do that in a very military manner.

Jim Muhr, Commander, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9829, Payson

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