Those With Live Bugle Agenda Need Reminder Of What's Really Important



I am sure many letters will be written relative to "EchoTaps," and the part that the Payson Military Honor Guard played.

Apparently, Larry Carey Jr. and Tom Day do not honor the many who gave and are still giving of their lives, in order to preserve our freedom and their right to believe and write freely in this "great country." They only want their own agenda of live bugles. How I wish all who died so they could have their way would be here today in response to their name calling.

Fake? What disrespect to a veteran, retired WWII, Korea, Nam on his discharge. What does yours read, Mr. Carey and Mr. Day?

None of the literature about EchoTaps on Armed Forces Day indicated the type of bugle to be used, only that we honor our veterans. This was done with respect, dignity and prayer for all serving or who had served. Tell the lady and her three children who laid flowers on the Marine pylon that what was done was a fake.

The Honor Guard will continue to be available for service to all veterans, whatever the need. The medals they were awards are not fake, nor is the dedication to this, our beloved country and comrades.

God Bless America.

Arthur J. Stone, Commander, American Legion Post 69, Payson

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