Front-Page Hospice Photo Robbed Man Of His Dignity



Teresa McQuerrey is to be commended for her excellent introductory article on page 8A of the Roundup's June 1 edition. I appreciate, very much, her efforts to inform the general public of the wonderful benefits provided by hospice organizations throughout our nation and here at home.

Providing news to your readers is one thing. Delving into the private activities of those experiencing extreme stress within their lives is a very delicate issue and should be approached with considerable concern for those involved. I find your choice of placing the picture of Tom and Geraldine Bartlett on the front page of your paper to be a very insensitive decision. I fully realize that you have the cloak of "their permission" to hide behind. However, your decision indicates to me that you are less concerned with how you present others.

One of the major benefits of hospice is to assist the family and the patient to face the final days with dignity. Although I do not know either of the Bartletts, I believe that with your placing this picture before your readers in this manner, you have removed a portion of this dignity from Mr. Bartlett. If that picture had been of your mother and father, I doubt that you would have approached it with the same zeal. I was so disgusted with your action to display Mr. Bartlett in this manner that I did not even read any more of the paper for a couple of days, including the article on page 8A.

No doubt your actions and decision were not to stimulate this type of reaction. However, your professionalism and experience should provide you with the ability to avoid the potential for this type of thing. If it does not, then I believe you are in the wrong profession.

I hope that in the future you will place more consideration upon the individual impact of your efforts, rather than the sensationalism captured by the moment, regardless of "consent." When following moral standards, ethics, respect for fellow citizens and the Golden Rule, "consent" becomes a less important consideration.

Again, a big thank you to Teresa McQuerrey for an excellent article.

Hoyt Kenmore, Payson

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