Honor Guard To Be Commended For Its Service



In response to the letters to the editor in your May 29 edition of the Payson Roundup, regarding the Honor Guard bugler and their service: I personally know one of the fine gentlemen who serves with that Honor Guard and I have been present at more than one occasion where they have given of their time to give "Honor" to the friends and family of a loved one who had served his or her country.

I know something of the time and sacrifice given by these good men and of their caring attitude. They give in more than one way to the community as one of them is a dedicated volunteer with the Mogollon Health Alliance with me and another serves with my husband as a Payson Police volunteer. When a need arises, they drop what they are doing and willingly give of their time and talents to give comfort.

If the gentlemen who wrote those mean-spirited letters are so offended by the fact that a digital bugle has been used until now, then I would like to know -- where the heck are they? Why aren't they out volunteering, sometimes several times a week, all over this Rim Country and even the state?

They may say these men are a disgrace, but, in my eyes, the Honor Guard should be thanked and commended for its efforts. Every one of them is a veteran, and some of them are World War II veterans. They may not be perfect, but their hearts are right and they have my thanks.

Nancy Gartner, Payson

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