Taffeta Dress Incident A Shame At Middle-School Graduation



We are outraged over the taffeta dress incident at Rim Country Middle School.

Last week, we went to our granddaughter's middle school graduation. Her mother made her a beautiful chiffon/taffeta dress. She was so proud to wear something pretty. She and her classmates all looked beautiful and earned the right to wear something beautiful, as middle-school graduation is an ending to one part of their life and an encouragement to continue on with their education, which is so very important. Aurora Sturlin probably would have been allowed to participate if she had worn bib overalls and combat boots. Barbara Sturlin is 100 percent correct. Aurora is an example of what a good student should be doing, a 3.9 grade point average is fantastic.

We are shocked that the principal responded as she did. She questioned the veracity of Aurora and Mrs. Sturlin, saying Aurora was never told she couldn't participate. She admitted several were pulled out of the line and were crying and had to change into their jeans.

This whole situation should make Payson take a second look at the Payson school administrators and their decisions. We have lost some terrific coaches and teachers due to the superior attitude and controlling of our previous school superintendent and our current high school principal. The school board needs to call an emergency meeting. At this point, you need to post the date and time of the next meeting as I believe 90 percent of Payson would be there to voice their opinion.

Pat and Mary Jordan, Payson

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