Thank You To The Police Department And The Man Who Returned My Wallet



My son, Dan, is an avid member in good standing of San Diego's venerable Prowlers Car Club and rarely misses a noteworthy car show, wherever it may be.

So, when he invited me to join him to attend Payson's car spectacular on April 28, I was most pleased, especially since I could also visit many longtime friends and neighbors.

As in past years, the show was great, the crowd was huge and the weather was fantastic. It was a nice, fun event, until I lost my wallet.

I notified an on-duty Payson police officer of my loss, never dreaming that I would ever see my wallet again. But I did. It was mailed to be my Officer Shawn Dewitte and I received it here in San Diego in just a few days.

Here's a big thanks to the Payson Police Department, but a very special thank you to Donald Condit, an honest gentleman of the highest order, who not only found my wallet, but turned it in, complete with cash and all valuable documents. He is certainly one in a million.

Stan Biggs, Poway, Calif.

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