Whisper Creek Log Homes Boast Quality, Affordability


Wes Carlock, owner of Whisper Creek Log Homes, has partnered with Amon Builders to bring his homes to the Rim Country.

Part of Carlock's due diligence as a franchisee was to find a reputable builder.


Day one of construction on a Whisper Creek Log Home.

"Amon Builders stands out in this community as the builder with the capacity to take on my goals and endeavors," Carlock said.

Amon provides full turn-key and shell-only construction for Carlock's clients.

The young entrepreneur, in business since September 2005, said one early lesson he has learned is "you can't try to do too much too quick."

Lofty aspirations go hand-in-hand with defined goals.

The completion of his model home was the first order of business. The next order of business was to find the builder he trusted, then, network to sell his product.

Whisper Creek Log Homes have the appearance of traditional "full log" homes. Logs for the walls are cut and custom-built by carpenters at Whisper Creek's plant.

"We aren't modular," Carlock said. "Everything is customizable to my clients' tastes."

Whisper Creek has lofted and single-story home plans ranging between 725 to 6,352 square feet.

Dormers, balconies and expansive window walls are just a few of the options that customers can choose to add to their dream residence or get-away home.

And, Carlock is there to assist throughout the design process.

"Amon has the staff to handle multiple homes and ensure those homes are completed on time and within budget," Carlock said of the business relationship.

Amon Builders has already completed three homes for Carlock's company and is working on a fourth.

"The homes go up quickly and we are happy with the product and the quality of the home," said Maico Amon, project manager for Amon Builders.

Once the materials are on the client's property, Whisper Creek Log Homes take approximately one week to fully erect.

While other home building methods come in at $225 per square foot, Carlock said Whisper Creek's fall into the $170 per square foot range, "with nice allowances for finishing costs."

"My company provides a clear-cut advantage and brings affordability back," Carlock said.

Whisper Creek Log Homes can be contacted at (480) 861-8434 or found online at www.whispercreeklog homes. com. Carlock's e-mail is wclhwesaz@aol.com.

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