Best Father's Day Gift Is Time



A year ago, I wrote an article on the perfect Father's Day gift for a fisherman. Numerous gifts were identified with price tags from five dollars to two hundred dollars in value, to fit almost every pocketbook and style of fishing. In reality, I felt satisfied with the article having offered numerous hints for the dads who seemingly have everything.

Having reread the article, I recognized that I may have missed the most important gift of all -- that precious commodity we all value -- our time. With our busy schedules and demands, there never seems to be enough minutes in a day to get the things done we believe are important. Oftentimes, the quick fix is a gift that may end up in a drawer or the corner of the closet, never to be seen again.


Tim Ryden and children Landree, Megan and Gage are all outfitted in the outdoor camouflage gear.

As Father's Day approaches, no doubt gift selection may be a bit of a dilemma. A price tag is not nearly as important as what will accompany that gift to Dad. On this day, a phone call or a personal visit relishing memories of days gone by could bring a smile to an aging face. This may be the best gift of all.

If you are a young dad, I would encourage you to spend time with your children in their formative years. In a blink of an eye, they will be grown and out of the home leaving you with memories and a few photos.

How they see you act and carry yourself as the head of the household may be more impressionable than words spoken.

So, dads, Happy Father's Day and enjoy the families God has given you.

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