Kyl Thinks You Are Stupid



I heard Jon Kyl on a radio program talking about "Anchor Babies" -- babies who were born in the United States from illegal immigrant mothers. The babies are then U.S. citizens and can "sponsor" alien family members to come into the United States. He told us not to worry about this, as the immigrant amnesty bill of his and Ted Kennedy's limits the number of these family members to 40,000 annually.

He thinks you are stupid. He does not tell you that next year's Congress will increase that number to 100,000, the next year to 250,000, the next year, no limit. I was a lobbyist and that is the way "foot-in-the door" legislation evolves. And who is going to count or stop the sponsored aliens at dozens of entry points on our southern border? What a bureaucratic joke.

He also thinks you are stupid about the hype of this amnesty bill. Let us use the low figure of 12 million illegals. Ten million do not have a care about this bill. They are not going to register, pay $1,000, $3,000 or $5,000 fines, go back to Mexico briefly and learn English. They will just continue to happily exist as non-citizens, working, speaking Spanish, being parasites on our health and educational system -- using our infrastructure and sending $20 billion of our resources back to Mexico every year.

What are you going to do then, Mr. Kyl? You and the bill do not solve or change the present mess. They just keep coming and our border is still not secure. And the lowest common denominator continues to decline.

I use "Mr." Kyl, because "Senator" implies a statesman. The elected Congress and the President are not statesmen. They are all "bagmen" (a few exceptions), including the President. Where have they been the last 20 years? Now we are supposed to consider them as some sort of heroes, floundering to solve their own mess.

Perhaps, we are stupid. After 20 years of negligence and incompetence, the only way we can get these people out is to defeat them in the primaries.

Larry Marsh, Payson

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