New Afternoon Dj Provides Laughs, Music


When Farrell Thompson smiles, he really means it.

The grin he habitually flashes is evidence of the fun and positive approach he takes to life.


Farrell Thompson sees his new role as on-air talent for KCMA as a way to connect with the community. Thompson has lived in Payson for 15 years.

That radiant energy may prove to be his greatest asset in his newest adventure -- afternoon DJ for the radio station KCMA 98.5 FM.

Thompson began his show, which airs weekdays from 3 to 7 p.m., on Tuesday.

He said he plans for his show to be full of fun during a time of day when people are transitioning from work to home and may need some laughs.

"My talent seems to be filling air," he said with a laugh. "My mother always said I had a face for radio."

Thompson said that he never really considered being a disc jockey. But when he was contacted about the position, he decided that his varied background, positive attitude and love of music might make him a perfect fit.

"I truly enjoy music," he said. "I've always loved music. Put that together with loving to talk to people and it makes a good combination."

Thompson said he has varied musical preferences -- everything from bands he grew up with, to current favorites.

"I have a wide range of musical taste," he said. "Probably closest to my heart is the music of singers/songwriters. There's more feeling when someone wrote the song themselves."

Bonnie Raitt is one of his favorite artists.

"My mother's favorite song (by Raitt) was, ‘Woman Be Wise,' so I'd have to go with that as one of my favorites, too," he said.

Music has always been a part of his life, whether it's cleaning his house to music by Aretha Franklin, or singing karaoke to one of his favorite songs, "Great Balls of Fire."

"Sometimes (music) has helped me to regain my center or to understand things that have happened in my life," he said.

His desire to increase his involvement in the Rim Country was another reason why Thompson accepted the job with KCMA.

"I'd like to be more directly involved in community affairs," he said. "That's the thing that drew me to KCMA. They focus on the community."

Thompson has lived in Payson for the past 15 years. In that time, he's worked the gamut. He has experience in retail sales, marketing, and was a karaoke host for three years.

His love of the Rim Country, coupled with the fact that nearly all of his immediate family lives in town, means Thompson would be content staying here forever.

As for making a career out of disc jockeying, Thompson isn't going to count it out.

"I don't have a specific 10-year plan," he said. "I'm winging it."

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