Now More Than Ever, Please Adopt



At Payson Humane Society we are often asked if we are a no-kill shelter. The answer we give to that question is, we try very hard not to kill for space.

We have a contract with the town of Payson as well as a contract with Gila County, so all the animals in Rim Country come to us, whether they are aggressive or hurt or lost.

Dogs that have viciously attacked a person are usually put down, as they are considered to be dangerous and unadoptable. However, we also do impounds if there is a bite dog who just requires a time out period to be assured they do not have rabies. In these cases, the dog has usually just nipped someone but is not considered aggressive, and most often is returned to the owner.

We also are the drop-off spot for people who have trapped a cat that doesn't belong to them. If the cat is deemed feral, and we have no place to relocate it, we do have to put it down as feral cats are considered to be unadoptable.

That is why we have started "Payson Friends of Ferals," which helps people to TNR (trap, neuter, return) cats they don't want killed, but don't want them continuing to reproduce either.

We really don't want to have to kill any animal, most certainly none that are adoptable. We work very hard to keep our animals faces in the public with articles like this one as well as a poster at Wal-Mart with adoptable animals' pictures. We also can be heard regularly on the local radio stations trying to raise awareness about responsible ownership. We work to bring low-cost spay and neuter programs to town as often as possible -- there is one in town June 19-21. We encourage folks to look for a trainer -- there are quite a few locally -- who can help them work through behavior problems that make it difficult to keep a pet.

Payson Humane Society is currently in a crisis situation as we have had so many pets come is as strays that no one is coming to reclaim. We will continue to work at keeping them healthy and comfortable until they can go home. But we do need your help, Rim Country. If you have ever considered adding another pet to your household, now is the time. We have many beautiful adult cats and dogs as well as many puppies and kittens that would love the opportunity to become a loving forever member of your family. Please help us continue to not kill for space.


Boogula is a 1-year-old neutered male Pit Bull mix.

He has a nice, short-cropped black and white coat, which requires little grooming.

At the shelter we have had him out playing with the younger pups and he has done well.

He loves people and likes to put his head in your lap.

He rides well in cars and is good on the leash.


Brice is a 6-month-old neutered male Wirehaired Terrier.

He has a long, wiry coat that requires regular grooming.

He is a cute guy with a very expressive face.

Brice is very active and loves people and other dogs.


Buddy is a 2-year-old neutered Lab/Border Collie mix. His family gave him up to our shelter because they did not have time for him.

He is crate trained, housebroken and has basic obedience training. He will sit, stay and loves to shake your hand.

He loves to fetch and retrieve, and lies down on command. Buddy loves hiking and camping.

He is great with kids and other animals. He is good to take to the dog park and crazy about water.


Cole is a 3-year-old neutered male black Lab mix. He came into the shelter as a stray.

He is a wonderful guy. He loves people and keeps looking out his kennel wire for someone to come and get him.

His coat is short and sleek black in color.

He looks like he has been well cared for.

Please come and meet him.


Cookie is a dear 3-year-old spayed female gray tabby with white markings.

She's hoping to find a quiet home with a family that will take care of her forever and see how special she is.

Scout is her best friend and the two can be adopted as buddies.

Please come to the shelter and take a look.


Scout is a sweet 4-year-old neutered male kitty.

He is a gentle, sensitive cat and will be happy to find a new home and escape the stresses of shelter life.

He is a good boy and loves to be stroked and fed tasty kitty treats.

He is Cookie's best pal and would love to be adopted along with her.


Rogue is sweet-tempered 2-year-old neutered male American Pit Bull.

Since coming into our shelter as a stray, he has made many friends with our staff. We have found his personality to be gentle and playful toward his human friends.

He rides well in cars and likes to go for walks.

He is black and white and has a short coat, which will not require a lot of grooming.

Please come and meet Rogue; he is quite unique.

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