Street Crews To Be Busy This Summer



The Payson Street Department is currently busy preparing for summer projects. The field crews are crack-sealing all the roads that are included in this years pavement maintenance program. This program will include placing a slurry seal on the roads in the Payson Ranchos area, including McLane Road between Airport Road and Payson Pines, the Payson North area east of Highway 87 and north of Forest Drive, the Woodhill area from Blue Spruce Street west, the Manzanita Hills Phase 4 and 5 areas, the Granite Dells Estates area including Granite Dells Road between Mud Springs Road and Sutton Road, the Cow Town Estates area, the Graham Ranch Road area, the Timber Ridge area, Green Valley Parkway from Highway 87 to west end of the Rodeo Grounds and Rumsey Drive from Highway 87 to Wal-Mart.

It also includes placing a Rubberized Chip Seal on Longhorn Road between Highway 87 and McLane Road, Airport Road from the end of new pavement to Vista Road, Vista Road from Airport Road to Country Club Drive, and Manzanita Drive from Highway 260 to the end of the new pavement.

There are also three major roadway construction projects planned for this summer. The first is Mud Springs Road between the Frontier Elementary School and Granite Dells Road. This is a new roadway that will connect between Frontier Street and Granite Dells Road and provide better access to the elementary school. This will be a two-lane road with curb and gutter, a bike lane on each side, and a walking path on the west side. Traffic control at the intersection of Mud Springs Road and Granite Dells Road will be using a roundabout.

The second project is widening St. Phillips Street between Frontier and Bonita streets, and Bonita Street between St. Phillips and Bentley Streets. This will include curb and gutter, two traffic lanes, a bike lane on each side and a walking path on one side. The third project is resurfacing Frontier Street between St. Phillips Street and Mud Springs Road.

We also anticipate that Manzanita Drive from the north end of the shopping center to Evergreen Street, Evergreen Street between Manzanita Drive and Easy Street, and Easy Street between Evergreen Street and Malibu Drive, to be reconstructed this summer by the developer of the Bison Cove project.

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