Why Should Arizona Help California?



Why should Arizona help California out of an energy mess, which they brought on themselves by passing such stupid environmental regulations and laws, which have made it impossible for them to build any more power plants in California?

California wants to run a 231-mile giant extension cord to our power plants, from Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station to an area near Palm Springs, Calif. I am sure Palm Springs would reject the building of any new power plant there.

Any new power plants in California would create that so-called bad stuff called CO2, most of which have probably already been bought up by that Hollywood bunch, so they can light up their multimillion dollar mansions and have their fleets of expensive cars and private jets for their own pleasures.

Our Arizona Corporation Commission made the correct move in turning down their generous offer. As one of the Commission members said, "We are the fastest-growing state in the country. We'll need this here in Arizona and not in California, besides, Arizona taxpayers could lose up to $292 million, because the plants could sell their electricity to California markets, driving up energy cost for Arizona."

It's rather nice to have some politicians who are looking out for the citizens, instead of themselves for a change. Too bad we don't have some of our county officials doing the sums (this is in reference to the new county jail site).

Ed Welge, Payson

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