Roundup Should Not Have Printed Occupation In Rebuttal Letter



The Payson Roundup was wrong, from a privacy standpoint, to permit my occupation and the name of my employer to be disclosed in a letter to the editor, written by someone other than myself. It was unnecessary, very careless and irrelevant to anything I've ever written in a letter to the editor.

If that letter writer is getting a headache over what, in his mind, are poorly spent tax dollars, may I suggest that he seek a refund of his tax dollars used to fund the United States military machine, which, under the morally corrupt "leadership" of George Bush, obscenely bombed and killed many, many, many thousands of innocent men, women and children in Iraq. It was reported that Iraq didn't even have a single military airplane it could put in the air to defend those innocents.

If that doesn't repulse you enough, add to it, the fact that there are "drink the Kool-Aid," "patriotic" American "sheep" who are not completely ashamed of this.

Thanks to Bush and his crew, the term "proud American" is becoming an oxymoron.

Jim Kane, Pine

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