Star Valley Hopes For 'Astronomy-Friendly' Skies


At tonight's council meeting, the Star Valley Town Council will hold a second reading and public hearing regarding the adoption of an ordinance that would restrict certain types of lighting during nighttime hours.

Town Manager Vito Tedeschi said the ordinance would regulate lighting to be "dark sky friendly," in an effort not to affect astronomical activities.

The restrictions would only be applied to new developments.

The council will determine the fate of a possible contract with Arizona Communication Sites, LLC for the cultivation of programs on the town's public access channel.

Tedeschi said, if approved, Arizona Communication Sites would be in charge of creating and maintaining certain programs on the channel.

The channel would most likely be used to broadcast government meetings, public service announcements and be available for public access, Tedeschi said.

The Star Valley Town Council will consider adopting the final version of a $4,296,200 budget for the fiscal year, beginning July 1.

The council already approved a tentative budget at its last meeting, June 5. The budget has not undergone any changes since then.

The budget includes $1 million for the acquisition of a portion of Brooke Utilities that has 305 hookups in Star Valley, for which the town is currently in negotiations. The establishment of penalties for failing to obtain building and manufactured home permits will also be voted on by the council.

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