Busy Time In Animal Rescue World



Another summer week at Payson Humane Society. Summer is always a very busy time in the animal rescue world. For some reason, it seems so many people abandon their dogs this time of year.

There are many reasons that are given, such as, "We're moving and can't take them with us," or "They got bigger than we expected," or "I don't have time for him anymore." So we scoot someone over and make room for another.

This has been a bumper year for puppies and kittens. We have had many litters of kittens come in this year -- at least one per day, it seems.

There have been a few litters that have made it through their 21-day isolation period already and go up to the main house for adoption. And most have been adopted. But on Saturday, June 23, there are a bunch scheduled to be ready for adoption. I am sure if you're looking for a kitten, we have one that suits your needs. We have every color and kind in the book.

We also have many loving, beautiful adult cats that are waiting patently for a loving forever home.

There are at least four different litters of puppies that are also ready for a home, as well as many wonderful adult dogs who could make a great addition to any family.

All we ask is that you provide a safe and suitable environment for any animal you adopt. And that you are willing to make a commitment for the rest of the animal's life.

We truly do love the animals that make their way through our facility and want the very best for their futures.


Buford Mouse, aka Gibson, is a handsome 2-year-old neutered male Pit Bull Terrier mix. His white coat is short and will not require a lot of grooming.

He is a nice guy who came into our shelter as a stray. He is a bit shy with people, but once he knows you, he just likes to lie down and put his head in your lap.

Gibson would be happy to meet the other dogs in your family before you adopt him.


Freckles and Courage are 5-year-old neutered male Beagles who are current with their shots. They have short brown-and-white coats.

Freckles and his buddy Courage came in together as owner-donated dogs. They are both wonderful guys who really need to go into a new home. They don't understand why their current home has concrete floors and a whole lot of other dogs that are also looking for homes.

We would very much like to see these two dogs go to the same home, for they have been together since they were small puppies.


Fancy is a luscious 2-year-old spayed female long-haired gray kitty. Her luxurious fur coat is high maintenance, so be prepared to spend some time being a kitty beautician!

This sweet girl is longing for a caring home with people who will treat her gently and lovingly and make her feel like a little princess.

P.S. Fancy and Calliope were stray cats who were taken in for a while by a kind lady, before they came to our shelter. They get along nicely together.

Fancy was spayed as part of a feral cat program in the Payson area, therefore her ear was "tipped" to mark her as having been spayed.


Dove is a lovely pure white 1-year-old spayed female kitty.

She is a gentle, sensitive cat and will do best in a quiet, nurturing home where she receives lots of love and kind treatment.

She likes to sleep under a blanket, so she keeps warm and hidden.

Her personality will blossom once she is in a stable home environment.


Sheba is a 2-year-old spayed female Rottweiler mix. She has a black and tan coat, which requires brushing to keep her looking like the fabulous girl she is. Sheba was owner-donated to the Payson Humane Society in April. She is waiting patiently for a new family.

Sheba is not a barker, nor does she jump up on you to greet you. She is used to being an outside dog and likes to exercise.

Since being at the shelter we have started training her on a leash, and she is doing quite well.

Sheba gets along with other dogs, but not cats. She also does not like to share her food. Sheba would need to be fed in her kennel, away from other family dogs.

Sheba has many qualities that will make her a great companion dog. Please come and visit her.

For the Folks who work at the Shelter

by Lisa Boyle

I don't want to be your killing machine.

I am not big or scary or mean.

I'm just a person who's doing their job,

Taking care of discarded cats and dogs.

They come by the box full and one at a time.

The people who bring them always have a good line.

"I didn't know" or " I can't pay the vet"

So on their pet's life they are willing to bet.

So they bring them to us and we'll do our best.

We'll feed them and love them like we do all the rest.

We'll hope and we'll pray that they get a good home,

And no longer have to feel cold and alone.

I'm not a killer and it does hurt my heart.

There is only ONE answer!

We must ALL do our part!

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