Payson Only Cares About What It Can Get At Star Valley's Expense



I read the Payson Roundup article, "Payson may buy Star Valley water utility" on 12. In that article Mayor Edwards states, and I quote, "We can put our minds together with the sole purpose of doing what's best and not parochial." Parochial is the undermining word in his phrase. Parochial, by definition, from the Wikipedia encyclopedia, "Being provincial, being narrow in scope, considering only small sections of an issue. It directly relates to local culture or geographic area's government making decisions based on personal relationships instead of uniformity. This supports or leads to government corruption and deters real economic health. This reinforces an insular society and economy, many times to the detriment of the citizens who are willful victims of Parochialism."

As a resident of Star Valley, I am against what Mayor Edwards and the Payson Town Council stand for, or should I say, the lack of what they stand for. They care for nothing but their willful needs at the expense of Star Valley.

We have water, they don't.

Payson can look elsewhere for their water needs, as we want to be left alone, as Mayor Heron of Star Valley has stated.

Ryan Kollenborn, Star Valley

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