Roundup Hires New Advertising Executive


Erin McCord came to the Payson Roundup as a temporary replacement at the front desk, and then moved into the bookkeeping department. Now, a little more than a year after she first joined the company, she has joined the advertising staff.


Erin McCord

McCord has an extensive background in sales support.

What she enjoys most about her new job as a sales executive is getting out and meeting people in the community.

"It is wonderful to go into the area businesses and meet the people who are living their dreams and realizing their hopes," she said. "After being in the bookkeeping department, I know all the customers' names, but it is fun to meet them."

In her free time, McCord plays the bass guitar. She loves to cook and enjoys hiking and basketball. But the center of her world is her cocker spaniel, Mattie.

To contact the sales department at the Payson Roundup, call Advertising Director Bobby Davis at 474-5251, ext. 105.

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