There Are Worse Forces Out There Than The Aclu



One letter writer suggested that the ACLU uses First Amendment to destroy our society.

I would like to suggest that a far more powerful and destructive movement is afoot, this one known as the Christian Fundamentalist Extremist Right, which seeks to turn this nation into a CFER theocracy, dedicated, among other things, to the utter destruction of the entirety of middle-class America.

One could get a lot more worked up over this, except that if he/she thinks about the advance of technology, generally (not only information technology), it will become apparent that events before the end of this century -- namely, the Third Industrial Revolution -- will forestall the further implementation and the completion of the CFER's existing extremist plans.

America will be tested, severely. The changes will be unprecedented, but I believe that it will survive through the efforts of men and women of good will, just as it has several times before, including the time of its founding.

Allen N. Wollscheidt, Brunswick, Ga. (formerly of Payson)

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