Hospice Helps Writer Cope With Husband's Illness



Thank you for running the story on the RTA Hospice here in Payson. All the staff at the hospice should be commended for doing the great job that they all do.This I know from the experience that my husband and I have with them. My husband John (Jack) was put on hospice in late February because of lung cancer. He is doing very well and I can only thank Dr. Lowe, Jean R., our social worker, and Gail and Kathy K., the nurses, for all their care and concern.

Either Kathy or Gail is at our house every Tuesday to check my husband from head to toe and to make sure he has his medicines and any other needs that we have. I say "we," as they're always helpful to me, too.

It's a difficult situation to be in at this time, but with caring people like those at the RTA Hospice, it does make it easier to cope. I know that they are only a phone call away. So I just want to say a big "thank you" to all those at the hospice for caring and sharing.

Cookie Uburtis, Payson

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