Nauseated Man Nauseates Reader



Freedom of speech. We all have a right to criticize whoever we want, if we feel we are not being respected properly. That's all part of democracy.

Bush is not representing the majority of people in this "great" land and he is one of the reasons why this country is in such terrible shape.

The author of a recent letter needs to read more and get "all" of the views -- not just the views of Bush supporters. There are other truths.

As an example, when Al Gore first started the global warming issue, Bush was totally against it. We need to ask why. Now, however, because of pressure, he is suddenly "evaluating" this situation. We need to ask why he originally was against this. I'm not getting into it, but people need to find out why, on their own, so that they can make "good" decisions the next time they vote for president.

S. Bernhardt, Payson

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