Payson/Star Valley Struggle Reminds Globe Resident Of Home



The race between Payson and Star Valley to buy a piece of Brooke Utilities reminds me of the craziness created when Globe and Miami went into an annexation frenzy to get sales tax money from the Safeway/ Wal-Mart complex.

Miami accused Globe of "strip" annexation; Globe denied it. They went to court -- for years -- even discussed a settlement where Miami would get a piece of the action. Miami stood firm and lost. Now the town is seeking to annex anything in Claypool that Globe doesn't have nailed down. Funny thing: Miami owns the sewer system in the annexed Wal-Mart area. Sewer is one of the problems that will have to be addressed as the Globe-Miami area explodes with growth caused by the current copper mining boom. I'll bet Miami will want retribution when Globe seeks to expand its poo pumping.

So, what does that have to do with Payson and Star Valley? Maybe there is a subliminal message there somewhere.

Ted Thayer, Globe

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