Sad To See The Attitude Of Neighbors During Recent Water Meeting



My heart is broken. I attended the recent water meeting at the Pine Community Center regarding the K2 project. I thought the meeting was very informative and through the proper planning, the project may be a huge benefit to both Pine and Strawberry.

I moved to Pine when I was 20, which isn't easy to do, because it is small and good-paying jobs are not easy to find. I fell in love with the area and was willing to live on next to nothing to stay. Working in the restaurant business in this area for almost 13 years, I have had the opportunity to meet most of the community. When I say community, I mean Pine/Strawberry.

I have found that most people are good people and willing to help in the community, when needed. So, to my disbelief, to see the number of Strawberry residents with such negative attitude toward finding a solution for the water problems in the community as a whole really blew my mind. The last time I checked, our public school was called Pine/Strawberry Elementary, as is the case with our fire department.

We all use the same facilities and we all have the same school board, fire board, water board and we all help in both towns, when needed.

What saddens me the most is to see this community so separated over this. I heard a lot of "my water" and a lot of "Strawberry versus Pine" and "Pine Water is taking water from my back yard."

Well, I have news for everyone. Your back yard is everyone's back yard. We are one community. We all eat at the same restaurants. We all share in each other's burdens, cry and laugh together. Together, it's up to all of us to take care of this community and to find the best solutions to our problems.

I may be a rarity, but if the tables were turned, I want Strawberry to know, my plants and grass would have to suffer, before I allowed someone in Strawberry to go without drinking water.

My solution is: Take care of our back yard together.

Katie Lynn Dunn-Parks, Pine

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