Teen Spends Day Shadowing Councilor Su Connell


Most people don't follow the budgeting of Payson or recognize the work put into it.

I spent the day with Payson Town Councilor Su Connell. That experience gave me a feel of what goes on in a day of a council member -- from important appointments, to making the decisions for Payson. Imagine all the pressure they have on their shoulders.

Su was kind enough to let me tag along on one of her days. This included the budgeting meeting, which is very critical.

The 2007/2008 budget is $43,364,085. Of that, $27,243,599 of it is divided up into water, the airport, library, general government, parks and recreation, police, fire, community development and engineering. This does not include everything else that needs to be done around Payson.

Some of you may be asking what the council is doing to change the future of Payson?

Su Connell talks about it.

"We want to make Payson the festival capital in the United States," she said, by bringing the old festivals back and bringing in new ones.

Current festivals that will be held up as examples are the Aero Show, the Beeline Cruise-In and the free concerts at Green Valley Park in the summer.

Councilors suggested that there should be one page in the newspaper called "Things to Do."

It would be for that week. Through that calendar page, more people would get involved in the community.

The council is also encouraging people to make suggestions, which you can do by visiting www.paysonaz.us.

It also has a calendar for things to do.

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