Town Needs A Hall For Meetings And Events



Zane Grey Twirlers just finished their 27th Annual Square and Round Dance Festival, which draws about 200 people from outside of Payson to some good clean fun. The Tonto Apache Recreation Department has been wonderful to rent us their facility for our big festival, but we could not afford their gym on a regular basis.

We are in a desperate need of a good dance hall. We need a floor that allows the feet to slide -- no carpeting or rubber mats. A place big enough for a minimum of six to eight squares and that has walls that don't echo. Because we are forced to pay a caller to come up from Phoenix, the hall rent must be affordable, as we try to keep our costs reasonable for families, as well as seniors.

Why can't the town provide a hall for meetings and activities? Could the Dollar General be purchased to provide such a place? Or maybe the National Bank that is standing empty now. Parks and Recreation are in control of the schools; that option has been removed from us. The Senior Center has been wonderful, but the floor tile is coming up, due to a water problem and is ruining our dance shoes. Majestic Rim has been the only place that has welcomed us with open arms that is suitable, but even that limits our size to a maximum of four squares.

Zane Grey Twirlers has been dancing for 27 years. We hope to continue, but the prospects look bleaker each year. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Ronda Caldwell, Zane Grey Twirlers, Secretary

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