What's Up?


Q: Is water hauled from Star Valley to the Rim Golf Club and construction in Payson?

A: "The answer is no," said Michael Malker, vice president of operations at Rim Golf Club.

"All of our water bills come from Payson," said Sherri Moyer, project engineer for Amon Builders, Inc. Moyer said she has not heard of other construction companies in Payson using water from Star Valley.

Q: Does the algae in the lake at Green Valley Park get cleaned and does it harm the ducks?

A: The algae is occasionally skimmed, but other than that, not much can be done since the water is replaced every 10 days, said Claudia Hawkins, office manager for Payson's Parks and Recreation Department.

"The algae is a natural habitat for fish," Hawkins said. "The algae doesn't hurt the ducks. They actually contribute to the growth of algae."

Q: I've been having problems sending e-mails to certain servers with NPG Cable, Inc. What's happening?

A: AOL and Yahoo!, along with several other smaller Internet servers, have blacklisted NPG cable, said Matt Burns, a NPG technical support representative.

"Someone apparently was sending out spam e-mails from our server to AOL and Yahoo!, so they blocked the e-mails," Burns said. "We are working to fix the problem."

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