Give Illegal Immigrants An Option -- Mexico Or Military



Why can't the illegals be given a choice as they're picked up? Go back to the country they are from or go into our military. Of course, no one with felonies or any police record should have the chance. Those who choose to join must sign up for four years of active, overseas duty. Their families go back home to their country until the service time is up. If they serve well, then they should be allowed to apply for citizenship and get their families back.

We need help in Iraq and other war zones. If the illegals are serious about wanting to be in our country, they should be willing to fight for our great land. They have had years of free medical, schools, welfare and ignoring our laws and language. Let's find out what they think of our country. Give them the choice.

Some people say we couldn't get along without the "illegals" doing the job they do. We would have to pay more for everything without them.

How come grocery prices don't go down with them working so cheaply? And gas prices and home prices?

Because the only people making money from them are the big business people and the politicians. That's why they want to give the illegals "amnesty." They're not thinking of U.S. citizens or even the welfare of the illegals. They're only thinking of themselves and what they can make off them and how many votes they'll get from them.

Well, we're not the minority yet. So, we'd better listen to all the politicians and what they want and vote them out. Listen to Kyl, McCain, Kennedy, Mitchell, Flake and Raul Grijalva and more that want amnesty and vote them out.

Toll-free number to Congress is (800) 862-5530. Call them every day and tell them what you want.

Tell them to enforce immigration laws we already have. Close the borders entirely until the 12 million or whatever count it is, is dealt with and solved. Stop allowing these marches that cost us so much in extra police force and cost of water we supply.

Do all you can, learn all you can and then vote, vote, vote.

Marvin W. Joachim, veteran, Payson

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